Caliber Club Services

We strive to provide you with the best possible services. Check out what we offer below.

Shooting Experiences

Full Auto Experience


Have you ever wanted to shoot one of those fancy-dancy machine guns you see in the movies? Well look no further…

Suppressor Experience


Suppressors may not be silent, but they are a lot of fun. Want to try a few out? Maybe even on your own firearm…

Night Vision Experience


Can you see in the dark? No? Us either, so we like to use Night Vision or Thermals. Wanna try your shooting skills at night?

Gunsmith Services

At the Caliber Club we have formed many wonderful and fruitful relationships, allowing us to offer an array of services. We can handle minor to major work and can even take full custom gun build orders. The more detailed gunsmith work and machine shop work is performed by LRK Mechanical in Prescott, AZ.

Custom Builds

* Call for quote

Looking to have your dream gun built? We can help! 

Gunsmith Work

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Wreck something? No problem, we can get it fixed right up.

Cleaning / Sighting

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Hate cleaning or sighting in your firearms? We don’t! We’re happy to help. 

Training Courses

A firearm is only a tool. Whether you’re capable of defending yourself or not depends on your level of training and confidence. Practice is key. This is why we’ve teamed up with Independence Training to offer a wide variety of Basic to Advanced training options to fit any need. We are huge proponents of training, because of this we offer free CCW and Hunters Safety training courses periodically.

Firearms Training

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From Novice to Expert, Pistol to 
Rifle, Precision Shooting to Defensive Training, we can set you up!

Emergency Medical

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Effectively trained, medically focused, group members are few and far between. Stay ready, an Emergency Medical course may save someone’s life.

Private Training

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Have a specialty need or just enjoy one on one training options? Even if you’re looking for private small party trainings, we have you covered.

In-House Services

Prescott Caliber Club Offers a wide variety of services for you here in our store. We have the ability to service your needs in a quick and timely manner to get you taken care of and on your way. Our world class customer service will leave you feeling like family. We always take care of our own.

Prepper Assistance

What is a Prepper? Good Question, why not come on down and find out. We hope to teach survival and prepping basics as well as some advanced courses. We can also help you dress up your current prep situation in any way you need such as seeds, fish antibiotics, water purification, freeze dryers and even solar generators of all sizes.

* Call for quote

Don’t forget the rest of our inventory consisting of Emergency Medical Gear, Guns, Knives, gear of all sorts. We can help!

DTG Apparel 

Each store needs a great logo and a great shirt. We have decided to go in house for our apparel printing needs. Ryan has teamed up with his buddy Moses of Hostile Ink. 

We do our own apparel but also take custom orders for any occasion or need.

* Call for quote

DTG = Direct To Garment, meaning that we place a T-Shirt into the printer and print your custom logo directly on to the shirt, before heat pressing it for a few moments to allow it to set. Then it’s done!

Laser Engraving & Cerakote 

In late 2019 PCC took interest in a local laser engraving company’s pending sale. Engraving firearms is a common thing and a common pain to deal with. You can’t leave a firearm with “some guy” so you can only deal with an FFL on site at the laser studio. We decided to just do it all ourselves!

We can now provide ANY and ALL laser etching services to the public. Want your logo etched on a pen? Sure. A Knife? Sure. Etched into a huge wooden sign? No Problem!

* Call for quote


Coming Soon....

These are services we are currently considering adding to the list of Caliber Club services.

Caliber Club Academy

Education is very important to us here at the PRescott Caliber Club. Ryan is not a big fan of our education system nor it's teaching styles. We do not tolerate disrespectful talk, judgmental statements and things of that nature. Let's be nice to each other and learn some cool stuff!

The Caliber Club Academy is a myraid of courses, classes, trainings and experiences to help develop great skills for Emergency Preparedness.

Steel Targets

We shoot A LOT. What comes along with that? Chewing up a lot of steel plates, that's what. We now custom order, cut and manufacture our own steel targets and stands through Jeske-Schnurer Fabrication.

Lead times on Custom Orders may vary. We order our steel and cut it locally through RKS Built which is a wonderful custom construction company.

Additionally we have begun discussing options of brinig our own proprietary target to market with American Contractors Academy. We should be fining out more later this year.

For now, we have all the steel plates you could need. In store pickup only, they are far too heavy to ship at a fair price.

Custom Woodwork

Have you ever wanted a custom built hidden shelf, cabinet, bedside table or maybe even a whole gun room? Jeske-Schnurer Fabrication is a subsidiary of the Prescott Caliber Club and is happy to work you up a quote.

Knife Sharpening

Borris LOVES his blades. Want him to sharpen one for you? Have you ever truly sliced a piece of paper in half with a Bowie knife? I have and Borris sharpened it!