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Who we are and What we do!

The “Prescott Caliber Club”

The Prescott Caliber Club is brought to you by Jeske Defense Strategies and is a culmination of partnerships designed to offer our customers the best products, services and content out there.  We specialize in firearms, everything from common weapon platforms to very high end or rare collectibles. We are licensed to manufacture, repair or upgrade your firearms or firearm parts and, as always, we have a large selection of Class 3 firearms located in Prescott Arizona. Additionally the Caliber Club creates great online content via our YouTube Channel and Instagram as well as specializing in Emergency Preparedness gear. Please follow us on Social Media for great content as well as 2A, Survival and Preparedness related information. We have partnered with our good friend and local “Gun Attorney” who offers legal consulting services as well as handles gun trust work for our customers. Have you ever wanted to shoot a machine gun, suppressor or maybe run a thermal optic? We can do that too. Build a hidden compartment in your bedroom? Sure, no problem. We hope you find the Prescott Caliber Club to be your one-stop shop for everything 2A and survival related. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, and it exists, we will find it! And we always love to hear about new products, so whether you’re looking for something or you’re just looking to show something off, we’d love to meet you!

Jeske Defense Strategies

Ryan Jeske founded JDS in 2018 with the idea of creating unparalleled access to firearms, knowledge, survival related gear and amazing online content to the rural areas of Northern Arizona and hopefully beyond. Ryan has dedicated the past few years of his life to serious firearms collecting and fell in love with everything 2A and Prepping. Because of his personal experience he spent a lot of time in gun shops across the country where he was eventually brought “behind the counters” for countless hours of personal talks, training and of course lots of shooting! Don’t worry, the shooting took place outdoors in a safe manner. Ryan hopes to provide Prescott, and the world, with the level of service and knowledge that they deserve. The BEST!

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