Welcome to it! The Prepper Gear is Online.

Getting the Prescott Caliber Club going has been a very long journey. Technically the project has been in progress since June 28, 2017 when we purchased the condemned building in the Dells, immediately starting the process to get it back up to code. The building’s structural work is getting close to complete and some of the more visually appealing jobs will start to take shape. But while all of that is in the works we have not been sitting around with our thumbs up our… We have been forming relationships with brands of all kinds to bring you some of the best Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Medical Gear out there, in addition to our ever-expanding selection of Firearms and NFA items. We promise as soon as the building is done we can provide you access to all of our amazing Firearm Selection!

Some of the higher cost, larger items we have decided to carry in the store are HarvestRight Freeze Dryers which allow you to freeze dry items for your own long-term food storage for well over 20 years while retaining over 95% of it’s nutritional value. All that’s needed is hot water to bring it back. And they’re not as expensive as you may think.

We are also carrying some solar cooking options such as the SunOver Solar Over which would be great here in our local Arizona environment. Lastly we are working our butts off to bring a solar generator option to you. We prefer the Inergy brand of solar generators but the demand for them is so high that we cannot get a dealer contract. We are currently considering carrying some of these in our store at a 0% profit margin simply to offer them to our customers, we like them that much.

Another product line we are carrying are Knives and Multi-Tools. We have tried to carry a wide selection of items offering many options at as many price points as possible. We carry everything from inexpensive pocket folders to Medford Knife & Tool and Microtech knives, keep in mind we do not specialize in knives so our high end selection is limited to only a few of those we found interest in. Our Multi-Tool selection had to include Ryan’s personal favorite, the Leatherman Skeletool. Additionally we are proud to offer a very wide selection of Multi-Tools for all occasions and budgets.

Some of the hardest products to find are those related to Emergency Medical. We will admit our selection is not quite where we would like it to be but this is only because we have not landed the deals to bring you these products at a fair price. At least not yet! But we have found a great selection of Emergency Medical Gear by a number of great manufacturers to offer a solid selection of not only Backpacking First Aid and Trauma kits but also some Military and LE model products. In the future we will be carrying a full line of items to build yourself an entire EMT medical kit, minus the controlled substances of course.

We are also very proud to announce that we have decided to team up with Hostile, Inc and together we have procured a DTG garment printing machine. The Prescott Caliber Club will be producing its own line of clothing and gear featuring interesting 2A and Prepper themed merchandise. We may even offer some custom printing for those of you who would like to put a certain photo with a specific phrase, you get the idea!

In the meantime, please keep checking the Prescott Caliber Club website and Online Store. We have not yet added all of the products to the inventory. The addition of products and product lines will truly never end as we intend to grow the store as we grow our own personal Prepper Kingdom.

For those of you who would like to book one of our Shooting Experiences Please Contact Us by Email at Info@CalClub.info.

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