Water Storage for SHTF or Everyday… Pt 2 of 2

In last week’s Caliber Club Talks Blog Post I discussed my concern for the quality of drinking water people may face during a Grid Down Scenario. I advise you to get yourself some property and drill a well in addition to a ¬†large storage tank that feeds your house and gets topped off daily. This is the best way to insure you maintain a long term water supply; It is also pretty much the most expensive. This Blog Post will be about some of the more budget friendly options we will be carrying the at the Prescott Caliber Club to help with all of your water storage and purification needs.

First off let’s address storage. Many things can be used here and at a bare minimum I recommend you have one of those emergency bathtub kits that allow you to fill water to the volume of your tub into a sterile container and then at least you have access to some water. But there are also the options of using a literal plethora of thoroughly cleaned out plastic and glass products. I always recommend using new products designed for their intended purposes. At the Caliber Club we are carrying Water Brick storage containers which allow you to easily stack water in an unused space such as the bottom of a closet or behind a couch. This water will of course need to be treated in some way or it will go bad more quickly than you may think. We recommend Aquamira Treatment Drops or in a pinch you can research on how to use Chlorine or even Bleach to achieve some of the desired effects.

We of course will be offering other storage container options and will be adding to the inventory as we discover more and new products. We are also happy to order any common products into our store which we can often get at competitive prices. Another thing that everyone should have is a way of purifying water they are uncertain about. There are a number of different methods of purifying water including chemical and solar and boiling, but for us we recommend one of the Sawyer products, especially the Mini which is an absolute must have for around $20.00. But there are many products on the market and not all of them are the same. Some do not filter out things that you most definitely would not want to be ingesting especially if there is not hospital around the corner. But the safest and most sure way to purify your water is to boil it, better yet distill it. I may try to locate some stills to carry in the store.

All of this said and done, when Stuff Hits The Fan and you’re outside staring down at that puddle wondering if it’s safe to drink, just remember that the Prescott Caliber Club told you to have some Water Filtration Products to insure the Safety and Livelihood of you and your loved ones. We may poke a little fun but this is serious business.

If you would like to check out our selection of Emergency Preparedness Products visit us today at PrescottCalClub.com. We not only offer Firearms and Build Services but a huge selection of Prepper Gear including Solar Power Banks and Solar Panels as well as knives, survival food and everything else you can think of. If we don’t have we will try our best to find it for you!

As always if you’d like to book any of our Experiences or if you would like more information on any of our Emergency Preparedness tips we would be happy to talk via social media! Check us out at PrescottCalClub.com, on Facebook under Prescott Caliber Club and on Instagram @PrescottCalClub.


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