Water Storage for SHTF for Everyday… Pt 1 of 2

The more the Monsoons pour down upon us and the storms knock power out across sporadic parts of the Valley, it has me wondering how people are insuring access to fresh drinking water in the event of a power outage. In most cases your water will eventually stop flowing which means toilets stop flushing and … well … it gets icky quicky. But even more dire than the unsanitary conditions of the designated rest areas are the need for clean and fresh drinking water. Imagine having only 24 hours or so worth of drinking water in an Arizona July. That would be a serious situation, beyond what most will face in their lifetimes.

Don’t think it’s possible? How many supplies do you think those grocery stores hold with their just-in-time delivery services. Not as much as one may think especially considering the fact that our local area is growing so rapidly. We are sure to see immediate outages of much needed supplies such as drinking water. For those of us lucky enough to have a well that is great except we still need power to pump that water up from the ground. EMP = No Power = No Water. Or whatever.

What do I suggest? First off I suggest that you have some property of your own and on that property you drill a well. I understand this simply isn’t possible for some of us but it’s a great accomplishment if you can achieve it. The next thing I would suggest is getting yourself as large of a storage tank as you can. We have a 2000 gallon tank on our property. This is refreshed with daily use so there is no need for us to treat this water. It just keeps getting used and then gets refilled from the well. This isn’t to say that during a Grid Down Scenario that one would be able to take 20 minute showers, but it would be very possible to use solar power or even a windmill to pump water to refill your storage even during Grid Down.

So in summary I highly recommend that everyone think twice about your water storage for temporary or even long term scenarios. Tune in to Caliber Club Talks next week to hear some more budget friendly ideas for water storage and purification.

If you’re interested in purchasing water storage products for you home, camping or bug-out scenario please visit us today at PrescottCalClub.com.

As always, feel free to call or email if you’d like to book one of our Shooting Experiences. We can take you out to shoot Full-Auto, Suppressed, and/or Night Vision platforms.

As always, we Urge you to Stay Safe and Keep Prepping.

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