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It’s no secret that I tend to favor Conservative over Liberal values, but not blindly. As much as I may not like the strategies of many on the left, there are times when their positions are valid and I have no problem voicing support. There are many areas where I think the left has been wrong, but one of the most egregious errors has been in their calculation on how to face the battle of inequality.

The 2016 Presidential Election coerced every unreconciled underlying issue in the hearts and minds of American’s out into the open, sometimes in private but more infamously in public displays of insane name calling and personal attacks. If you go to any Social Media platform or Mainstream News Outlet you will see virtualy nothing but agenda driven, exaggerated stories that are intentionally placed into the news cycle to force a narrative upon the populace.

This brings me to Strategic Division. In business I use a lot of Strategic Partnerships to achieve the daunting task of offering competitive services at competitive prices. I strategically place myself in front of those I feel would have a mutual benefit from the relationship and then forge an avenue to connect with them. Simple strategy. So what is Strategic Division? Well first I need to say that I’m only speaking about this in theory and this is an Opinion piece.

Strategic Division is when, in this case, those in power drive a narrative strategically in order to continuously increase the divide between a populace. If you look back at the history of the United States there were a number of horrible injustices, for example slavery which rightfully caused a distrust of one group of people by another. Slavery was not a Strategic Division though, it was an injustice. Strategic Division is when those in power INTENTIONALLY continue to push their narrative in illegitimate ways, like conflating those you disagree with as evil like we have seen done in American over the past few years.

I think it’s safe to say that the actual environment we exist in has remained virtually unchanged since the 2016 Presidential Election. Now I can feel some of your heads exploding at this statment but hear me out. Take away every bit of arguing, name calling and political hatred and look at your life pre-2016 vs post-2016 and what you will find is that collectively not much has changed in the United States. What did change was who made up the ┬ánon-ruling group of Americans and those people threw violent fits in massive numbers. To be fair though, things were handled poorly by both sides. There’s no doubt in my mind that both groups feel equally disenfranchised when the other side is in power. The left thought that the best way to combat the perceived racism, bigotry and “White Nationalism” was to attack everyone they disagree with as being morally and fundamentally evil. This strategy has backfired on them.

Speaking as a White Conservative fairly well-off man I will say that the overwhelming vast majority of people on my side of the aisle are truly great people who have never hurt or denied anything to anyone. Most of these men and women were not bigoted, racist or personally against anyone at all. Even if they vehemently disagree with those people they had no personal ill will toward them. These are good people who, after being disgustingly demonized in the worst ways by the left, are fed up. Names like Nazi, Rapist and Bigot are flung carelessly in public at groups of people based on their physical appearance or skin color. This ironically sounds like textbook bigotry to me but maybe I’m the one who’s confused here? People like me used to find people on the left frustrating at most, but not anymore.

Strategic Division is working. There are no such thing as Republicans or Democrats. It’s all a smoke screen and nobody sees it. We all hate and distrust each other more than ever. I think it’s time we wake and up and realize we’re being played by both sides and we’re eating it up.

Time to change, folks.

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