The Scary State of Our Nation: Pt 2 of 2

In last weeks Caliber Club Talks blog post I discussed some of my personal concerns that have recently come up regarding The Scary State of Our Nation. I discussed my personal concerns with the Education System as it relates to homeschooling #KnoxxyBoy as well as my concerns with the breakdown of our family units in America. I also went on to discuss the earthquakes in California in addition to their Mandatory Prepping Lessons (i.e. inescapable controlled power outages). But in today’s Blog Post I wanted to take it a bit further and indulge in a couple of my own personal Conspiracy Theories related to Huawei/5G as well as the oddly overlooked modern day Space Race.

Before I get too far ahead of myself here I should note that these conspiracy theories are just that, theories. I figured for those of you who follow my blog posts and online content this may spark some interesting debate or at the least it’s interesting content.

It wasn’t that long ago, just a few weeks maybe, when I was sitting in my office watching One America News and saw President Trump talking about going to the Moon. This was followed by some additional reporting that others in the World’s Political Sphere were mirroring the President’s sentiments. Everyone else seemed to smile and move on with their day, but not me. I slumped in my chair and thought, “Why the moon?”. It wasn’t until about a week later that it hit me; Whoever can get a Nuclear Warhead on the Moon controls it all. Yes I agree that this sounds a little Austin Powers-ish but hey, this is my blog post and not yours. Let’s consider what we know about EMPs and the ability to weaponize them. Imagine looking out at a ball floating in the distance (Earth) and you can choose who’s electricity goes out, permanently. All that’s needed is a Nuclear device be detonated a few hundred miles above Earth’s surface and that’s it! Scary stuff. I think this is of extremely viable concern and we should all be watching this. Although, there isn’t much we can do to stop it aside from supporting the race and hoping we get there first.

My second Conspiracy Theory is regarding Chinese Huawei and why Trump is going easy and pulling back on regulations. It is of my personal opinion that the biggest threat to America is China. China threatens or holds the key to nearly everything the US values including safety, security, privacy and finance. The problem with Chinese Huawei is not that technology is inherently bad but that Government is inherently corrupt and the Chinese are not exactly “Closet-Communists”. We know what goes on in China and how they operate, their values do not seem to come close to matching up with mine. As American’s we hear jokes all the time about “cheap Chinese junk”, but we keep buying from them. Their cheaply made products actually more closely signify Commerce being derived out of some form of human slavery. I can’t be the only one who is disgusted at how the Chinese people are treated. But I have digressed, the point here is that I don’t want anyone having the ability to SPY on me. I definitely do not want the American Government having the ability to SPY on me. But more than anything, I do not want the Chinese Government having the ability to SPY on me. And that is precisely what Huawei represents, a literal remote plugin to America’s private and personal lives. Huawei, if allowed to be any part of the 5G infrastructure WILL SPY on us, I have absolutely not one shred of doubt about this. The Chinese have been all-but-openly spying and stealing from us for decades and now we want to allow one of their companies the oversight of Artificial Intelligence (AI) related products that controls our entire grid. How stupid are we? So when Trump lightened up on Huawei, I believe this is an important tell. It lets us know that the Chinese have already beat us or at the very least they have great leverage over us.

Again, these are only Conspiracy Theories and each of you should make your own decisions when it comes to what you Prep for.

At the Prescott Caliber Club we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to prepare for any event. Whether that be an external issue like an EMP caused by a Lunar Launched Nuclear Warhead or an inside, silent killer like Huawei I urge you to head over to the Prescott Caliber Club’s online store and GET PREPARED Today!


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