Powers Out! What will you do?

It’s no secret that there have been a lot of odd natural events happening around the US right now. Earthquakes, Tornadoes, but for us it’s the almighty Monsoon. This year’s start has been a bit strange, but the Monsoon Season is now in full effect. As I sit writing this article on my MacBook the remainder of the neighborhood is without power. It is July 26 and it was a phenomenal day of rain dumps from heavy dark cloud cover followed by beautiful bursts of sunshine.

As a young child I used to enjoy the thunderstorms of Northern WI with my grandfather. We would sit in his screened porch and count the seconds between lightning strikes and the rumbles of thunder. Grandpa Kilger is where I got my love of storms. It’s no secret that storms are inherently dangerous and can often cause some trouble. Being a Prepper isn’t always about Doomsday.

Today I found myself in the middle of my workday with the power to our neighborhood going black. No power. The first thing I did was check my electronics to see if this was a power outage or an EMP. After that I changed my network connection from Wifi to Hotspot and I was back online. My home office has a battery backup system with a small mini-fride/freezer so that was also neat to see, working flawlessly. From there I grabbed my Inergy Solar Generator and headed out to my workshop to process some inventory all while listening to some of my favorite Youtube Channels in the background.

This could have been a very long day if not for my preparedness, so my question to you is this. What will you do when the power goes out?

The Prescott Caliber Club has teamed up with GoalZero to bring their Yeti line of Solar Generators to Prescott Arizona. We will be stocking the Yeti 1250, 1400li, 3000li as well as their Yeti Li Tanks which allow you virtual limitless expansion of your Yeti system. We have chosen Off Grid Trek as our Solar Blanket supplier. Solar Blankets are just that, foldable soft solar panels to charge your Yeti.  Off Grid Trek is a great company out of Canada and Rene is a great guy to work with. We are even going to be carrying Home Integration Kits which would allow you to simply plug your house into your Yeti.

Big things are on their way to the Prescott Caliber Club. If you’re interested in more information on our Solar Generator Inventory or if you’d like to book one of our Shooting Experience Packages please contact us TODAY via email: Info@CalClub.Info

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