It’s time to “Bug Out”!!!

The Prescott Caliber Club has made the decision to help bring to market one of the coolest new family games in the world of Emergency Preparedness and Survival. “Bugout” is a family card game designed by Praxis Prepper to be a fun way of sharing ideas related to emergency preparedness and wilderness survival. Almost every card in the 108 card deck has its own unique preparedness and/or survival tip, and in addition to this, the entire structure of the gameplay fosters values such as preparing for hazards, saving up for the future, balancing potential risks, and striving past obstacles. Praxis also designed the game to be very easy to learn and to be played without a lot of intricate rules making it perfect for people of all ages.

Essentially the play breaks down into the mindset that there are problems, and there are solutions, and while you’re managing both, your goal is to continue pushing forward towards your goal. That’s a set of lessons that are useful in an emergency AND also useful normal day-to-day life. This is a game of travel and your distance is either hindered by obstacles or assisted by the preps you hold in your hand.

The Prescott Caliber Club has been a longtime fan of Praxis Homesteading & Survival and his YouTube channel. I highly recommend you check it out and subscribe to watch his Alien Invasion Series! When I saw that Praxis was trying to bring this game to market I contacted him to see how the Caliber Club could make this fit for everyone involved.  Praxis was looking for funding and we were looking for exposure within the Online Prepper Community as well as in the market for fun Preparedness Items to carry in the store. This fit both needs and Praxis even agreed to design a card featuring the Prescott Caliber Club as the Prepper Outfitter within the game.

We expect this game to retail for around $14.99 and hope to offer shipping worldwide although some of those orders may need to have shipping handled outside of the normal checkout process. Regardless, the Caliber Club will be the main Retailer selling the family card game Bugout! We expect this game to be on the shelves before we even have shelves and in plenty of time for the Holiday Season.

If you’d like more information or if you’d like to know more Please Visit us Online Today at

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