Collapse is imminent…

For the past decade or so I have been of the belief that the United States of America is on its way out. The American Empire has been on its way out since the day of inception in 1776; History shows that the average Empire lasts a mere 250 years or so (time-standard,com). As we creep over the midway point of 2020 people are starting to get fed-up, the events we have experienced this year are absolutely unprecedented beyond belief. Many of our youth have no way to compare or contrast what life was like for the rest of us, but the fact that they finished a school year from home is mind-blowing by itself. But the real atrocities are much bigger; You may think I’m talking about the Economy but I’m actually talking about the overwhelming Communist attitude that has infiltrated our populace.

It’s no secret that I’m pessimistic. I tend to err on the side of caution, and I often have very little belief in the “good” of humanity. However the past two days have really illustrated to me how much trouble the United States of America is in.

Last night I had a conversation with a man who was clearly opposed to my way of thinking. He believes that African Americans have been systematically and unjustly targeted by the Government and the Police for violent attacks, mind you we are talking about systematic injustice here. I asked for him to show me proof of this, and of course he couldn’t. I asked him to prove that these are not isolated incidences of racist people with our Correctional Institutions and, of course, he couldn’t. When I hit him with with factual statistics from the FBI’s Uniformed Crime Reports that don’t exactly match up with his narrative, he dismissed me by saying “I’d like to reply but your comment is just too long” before going on to re-spout his conflated original information with no proof or facts. Typical leftist behavior.

Today, I found myself defending the Constitutional Rights of a Police Officer in a large Facebook Group that is specifically set up as a place for AR builders and enthusiasts to connect. I am absolutely floored at the Communist attitudes and ideas that were hurled my way. What is this country coming to when a pro 2nd Amendment group of people demand more Rights and subsequently decide to fight for those rights by boycotting the Constitutional Rights of other Americans?

I’ll tell you exactly where this is headed. Do you recall a group referred to as the Gestapo? When you discuss the Holocaust and Nazi Germany many people ask questions like, “How could everyone have fallen for Hitler’s craziness?” or “How did Hitler brainwash an entire country?” without realizing that they are already victims of the same movement. I once watched an amazing short film that proved many of the early Nazi doctrines were taken right out of the Democrat playbook back in the 20’s and 30’s. I believe the video has been been censored because I have scoured the internet looking for that video for over a year and it simply cannot be found for quotation. Regardless, the video opened up my eyes to the idea that Democratic Party has always been in bed with the Globalist movement seeking a New World Order. They have already successfully brainwashed the majority of our population and their victims don’t even know it, worse, they welcome it.

The Republican Party is not innocent in this picture, nor are they all that much better than the Democrats. It does seem that the Republicans use less street violence and psychological techniques than their leftist counterparts. The biggest downfall of the Republican party has been their separation from the bravery that Abraham Lincoln showed in the mid 1800’s when he stood for Emancipation at a time when it was not popular to do so, in fact it was so unpopular that a Civil War ensued where over 600,000 American’s lost their lives (

The destructive and evil Status Quo of human trafficking was decimated in the Civil War, and I see Donald Trump’s Administration as having fought for the same principles over the past 3 1/2 years. Let’s be very clear here, both the Confederate and Union Soldiers were American, sure the Confederacy was the Antagonist in this story but they were fighting for a status quo that has been around since before the birth of our nation. And the Confederacy was stopped in their tracks by the Republican lead Union Army, we need another victory for Good in present times.

My point? Well let’s be real here for a minute. The Mainstream Media (MSM), Silicon Valley owned Social Media and our entire School System has been completely indoctrinated into radical left-wing idealism which has been burned into the psyche of each of our children. As American’s went to work, living the “American Dream” and as women found themselves leaving the homes in search of careers, who was watching our kids? The leftist faction of the Democratic Party, that’s who. If you want to know why kids are shooting up schools, look no further than the feminist-driven policies forcing young boys to sit still and shut-up when they really need to be outside playing and burning off the energy in a productive way. They’ve been taught their whole lives that every instinctual idea they have is Bad and Wrong; Imagine how confusing that must be… Until they finally break mentally and lose it in a fit of uncontrollable rage.

The American Empire is on it’s way out, mark my words. Soon the United States of America will turn Communist. How can that be? Just follow the the puppet strings upward and you will see the marionettist holding the controller, it’s the Chicoms and they have Joe Biden along with most of Washington hanging neatly in their closet full of puppets, ready for deployment at any time when the need fits.

I vehemently disagree with virtually all of Donald Trumps 2nd Amendment related decisions since he has been in office, no President has been harder on the 2nd Amendment than Donald Trump. Aside from that he has done an amazing job, and I support the President. Let us make no mistake that there are no strings attached to Donald J. Trump, not even the tens-or-hundreds of millions he stands to make should he follow the status quo like the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Schumers, Pelosis and countless other who are all hanging up in that puppet closet I mentioned. Each of them skimming financial gains while destroying our beautiful country from within. There is nobody lording over President Trump and demanding he push this agenda or that. There is no Chicom puppet master up above pulling Donald Trump’s strings, he has none.

Like it or not Donald Trump is the ONLY hope for the salvation of America, and the American way of life which is teetering on the brink of extinction as evidenced, not only by the Civil Unrest we are seeing but also by my recent disheartening conversations with regular old 2A loving Americans who don’t even see that they are Communist-sympathizers at best and supporters of Treasonous Domestic Terrorists in reality.

Our Country is beyond broken, we are beyond fixing and it will take nothing short of a miracle for the American Empire to hang on and make it through this. Truthfully, the date of next Presidential Inauguration of any Washington Insider, Republican or Democrat, will forever mark in History the Fall of the American Empire.

If you are concerned about the state of the Nation. If you feel as we do, that the United States is on the brink of experiencing another Civil Conflict similar to the Civil or Revolutionary War then it may be time to consider Preparing. If you are already a Prepper, now may be a good time to take a look at your stores and be sure you have crossed every “t” and dotted every “i”. It is time to be sure that you have checked every box and if you come across any shortcomings please feel free to check out our online store at where we have a HUGE selection of Emergency Preparedness Gear!

Donald Trump won’t be in office forever. We are living on borrowed time and eventually the Deep State or other Washington Insider groups will reclaim their power via the Presidency and throw the final blow, toppling our nation.

Prepare Today before it’s too late!



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