308 Battle Packs for SHTF at PCC!

Ever since I was a young kid in Northern Wisconsin my family had always talked about their love of the .308 Winchester Caliber. My Grandfather, “Grandpa Jim” loved the .308 and hunted for years with his trusty Browning. My father followed in his footsteps running a Lone Eagle single-shot .308 pistol for Whitetail Hunting in Northern Wisconsin.

The .308 was lost but never forgotten for me. I always recognized the round as a very capable Caliber for killing and the taking of Game. It doesn’t take very long in a range-session, shooting steel targets, to realize that the .308 packs a lot more punch than many other Calibers out there. Lately I have been enjoying the Caliber again. In part because of the availability of Ammo as of late but more-so for the actual ballistic advantages of the round, but that discussion is for another day.

Today I wanted to let everyone know that the Prescott Caliber Club has put together 3 packages that are in-stock and ready to go. We are calling these our .308 Battle Packs and you can Save 10% off each of these Today by using Discount Code: “308BattlePack”!

PTR51PThe first package we have put together is pretty amazing. The firearm itself has been upgraded in-house by Ryan and the build was even featured on our YouTube Channel. It is the PTR51P Battle Pack which includes the PTR51P braced pistol, Aimpoint CompM4S RDS and 300 rounds of Malaysian L2A2 Surplus Ammo in it’s original sealed ammo can. The PTR51P is a pistol variant of the PTR91 which is a H&K 91 clone rifle made here in the US. The Aimpoint CompM4S is an amazing battle-proven optic that usually sells for around $900 but we were able to secure a small lot of them in slightly used condition on LaRue Tactical Mounts. The price of this package is $2889.99 before the 10% Discount making it a solid value. We took into consideration nostalgia, collectability and functionality in this package lineup and this Roller-Lock is a great addition to any collection and without a doubt will serve as an amazing SHTF firearm.

Galil ACEThe second package we have put together for you is a REALLY great collectible firearm package. This is the shining star of the lineup being offered here today. We are have a brand-new Galil Ace pistol chambered in .308 which has an SB Tactical Brace installed along with an Aimpoint CompM4S on a Larue Tactical QD Mount and 300 rounds of Malaysian L2A2 ammo sealed in it’s original ammo can for the amazing price of $3499.99 before the discount. Try to match that price anywhere else and you simply won’t be able to in today’s environment. The Aimpoint CompM4S is slightly used but in great shape and makes for a really slick setup on this AK Pattern “pistol”. Don’t forget to use the Discount Code: 308BattlePack to save 10% off any of these packages today!

M1AFinally, we wanted to offer one final package that has a twist to it. We are offering one of our 308 Battle Packs Today with Body Armor!¬†The final package we are offering up today is a time-tested traditional firearm that is arguably the most proven design in today’s lineup. Each of the previous firearms are newer in design or construction than the M1A platform which was used in numerous World Wars by the United States Military. Today we are offering up a really cool package, the M1A Socom 16 is a shortened and lighter version of the M1A Rifle. The rifle we are offering up today is slightly used but in good shape. It comes with an optic mount attached so you can pair your favorite RDS or Scope to the platform. Additionally, you will receive 300 rounds of Malaysian L2A2 Surplus Ammo in it’s sealed ammo can and an AR500 Veritas Lite Plate Carrier with front and back Level III AR500 flat plates that are rated to withstand multiple rounds of .308 win or 7.62x51mm Nato Ammo. This package can be yours today for the low price of $2199.99 before the 10% Discount.

If you’re interested in any of these packages or if you’re looking for guns, ammo, accessories, preparedness gear or virtually anything else you may need to survive a Grid-Down Collapse then visit our Online Store Today at PrescottCalClub.com. For a limited time only you can add the Veritas Lite Body Armor to any of these packages for just $200! We only have a few left in stock so please hurry.¬†Additionally, you can visit our YouTube Channel, Facebook or Instagram Page where we have many other Offers and Discounts available for use in our Online Store.

If you have any Questions or Concerns please feel free to contact us via email at Info@CalClub.info where we will be happy to assist you with whatever it is you may be looking for. We hope to see you here again in the future, but until next time, please, Stay Safe and Keep Preppin’!

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