The Newly Formed Nation of CHAZ: Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

Written By: Ryan Jeske
Date: June 12, 2020
(Photo Credits go to USAToday.Com)

It has been quite some time since I posted to my blog. It’s not that I have stopped writing, it’s just that as a small Mom and Pop Shop type business I have limited time. I have multiple Social Media accounts I use in an attempt to reach out to an audience and draw some attention and interest toward PCC.
Here is s my take on the newly forming Nation of CHAZ.
The “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” is operating freely within the borders of the United States, in the City of Seattle where the Mayor doesn’t seem to be too worried and the DNC has barely acknowledged its existence.
Meanwhile, US Citizens in the area are completely terrified to go outside or enter or leave their “zone”. They’re not worried about the US Government or white folks with pitch forks, they’re worried about the self-installed community policing advocates who have begun extorting their own, almost immediately upon the founding of their new Sovereign Nation! Unbelievable.
ISIS would be proud folks, but of course these are just peaceful Social Justice Warriors, right?
CHAZ vs Petoria
CHAZ vs Petoria
A Few MAJOR Points of Contention:
1. For years we have been told that owning firearms for our own preservation against tyrannical governments is a ridiculous notion. It doesn’t seem so ridiculous now, does it? Never again will I allow the left to tell me that my position on Firearms is invalid, racist or wrong. The hypocrisy is evident.
2. I’ve been told that borders are inherently racist, where does the border of CHAZ start? When the evil people start coming in and demanding adherence to the Constitution are they going to demand we leave? It’s funny how it was completely racist and bigoted to even support a Wall on our Southern Border but as soon as it’s time to form your new Sovereign Nation it’s time to claim a border and put up checkpoints, where they have begun extorting local residents.
3. Community Policing is better, or so I’m told as your new community leaders demand penance before crossing their bridge of “Moral Superiority”. This is one of the most egregious attacks on human Civil Rights in the United States of America. It is one thing to hash out our differences in the public square, to peacefully protest and debate in the PUBLIC SQUARE. But to restrict people from accessing their homes, putting them in fear for their lives and livelihood in their own neighborhoods and on their own property is unheard of. There is now nowhere safe to lay our heads at night, there is no place out of bounds for these people. 
The main point of this article is that bad people are everywhere, racist people are everywhere, Government is and always will be inherently corrupt. It took 15 minutes before those in power of CHAZ started abusing their own. It’s amazing to me that people can stand on some kind of moral high ground condemning a Nation and its founding, while mirroring the same sentiments they are protesting. I don’t understand what these people think they are accomplishing.
If we apply the same principle to the Nation of CHAZ that BLM is applying to the Police, then CHAZ is a Criminal Syndicate and Black Hand operation which is clearly oppressive and illegal. So, I ask… Why the hypocrisy? You’re not even hurting your enemies, your taking advantage of your own people.
But I suppose in today’s world we will find out that we’re confused, we’re wrong. They’re the good guys fighting for Justice….

Turn the damn flag upside down already, the United States of America is burning from within.

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone 2020
Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone 2020
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