Pick Your Pony!! DD MK18 or LMT LM8 PDW?

As some of you may know, I am a one man operation here currently at PCC. Sometimes this causes me to neglect things… Such as this Blog. Well for now I am back and today I was inspired to write because of a photo that I took and posted to Instagram. It did well, but that’s not what inspired me to write. It was the guns!

IG Photo 2020The Daniel Defense MK18 is a pretty amazing platform chambered in 5.56×45 Nato with their 10.3″ Cold Hammer Forged 1:7 twist barrel, one of the BEST according to my good friend Borris over at Desert Eagle Guns and I tend to agree. Weighing in at just under 6 pounds and measuring a measly 26.75″ long the DD MK18 is compact to say the least. The gun is just amazing and performs well, out to distances of 300 meters easily; I’ve even heard of people touching steel out to 700 yards with this platform. I also enjoy the fact that adding a suppressor makes the gun around the same length as a standard rifle, yet suppressed. I love this platform.

I run an Aimpoint Comp M5, Lantac BCG, Redwire Gear Sling, Precision Reflex Backups in addition to a Surefire WML. My choice in this decision is the Daniel. My reasons are that I have sadly had some trouble with a couple of my LMT firearms. They did not perform terribly, but some misfires and feed issues that just kind of bothered me. One of the rifles I traded back in because we could never get it sorted out. It just kept misfiring. But please don’t take this as an LMT bash because I absolutely Love LMT! Their contender in this race is something else!

DD MK18 and LMT LM8The LMT LM8 PDW is an AR platform¬†chambered in 5.56×45 Nato featuring a 10.5″ barrel but its claim to fame is pretty interesting. This is where I give LMT some extra credit over the DD, they put in some effort in the R&D department and came out with a few pretty cool new designs. First off the monolithic upper receiver and rail system which is one continuous piece of material from receiver to rail. LMT claims the extreme accuracy of this rifle is due to this feature. Additionally they have developed a proprietary buffer and stock system that shortens the overall length by 3″ while retaining full functionality; Cudos to you Lewis Machine & Tool your rifle is amazing! LMT offers a CSW300 variant of this rifle which has an integrally suppressed 300 Blackout system that is pretty cool. I had one in the store for a while and put a few magazines through it. Watch the quick video¬†here!

mk18 lm8 ground

The bottom line here is that I love both of these firearms, I have decked out the Daniel because I own that SBR personally and the LMT is a shop gun. I’m confident when I say that I don’t believe anyone would be upset about owning either of these firearms. They both perform very well in CQB and Close Quarters environments as well as out the decent distances. I personally love these short little SBRs and I think they are the way to go when it comes to an every day rifle.

If you’d like to browse our selection at the Prescott Caliber Club website, click here! As of 4/11/20 the Discount Code SURVIVE2020 is still in effect offering a 10% discount storewide! I wanted to offer a little assistance where I could during this Covid 19 Pandemic.

We urge you to stay safe and healthy, and until next time…. Keep Preppin’

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