Life’s a Breach

When it comes to Emergency Preparedness the Prescott Caliber Club is always finding new and innovative products or services that will make your preps more successful. One of the items that we have been very excited to carry in the store are Breachpens. Why? Because Life’s a Breach, of course.

So what the heck are these things? Well, the Breachpen is a match-lit Magnesium thermal breaching tool designed for LE, Mil and First Responder use. Ok, so once again, what the heck are these things? Simply stated, it’s a road flare on steroids. It burns at around 5000 degrees Fahrenheit for approx 20-25 seconds allowing the user to cut through steel objects such as locks and chains. These units are, of course, not as effective as some of the more common breaching options but they offer some added benefits.

First off, they are lightweight and compact, they can be added to carrier or tossed into a backpack or Bugout Bag. Another major added benefit is that they are non explosive, so if they were to be struck by a projectile or something similar they will not ignite. Clearly, I would prefer to have a non-explosive, non-ignitable tool if possible compared to carrying a tank of fuel on your person as is required with the Broco torch system. Most systems have their added benefits and downfalls. The downfall of the Breach Pen is that they only burn for around 25 seconds and that they are not as effective as, let’s say, the Broco torch. The added benefits of the Breachpen are that they are small, compact and more safe in certain circumstances. I see them as filling a very specific need in the Prepping World, grid down or remote area emergency cutting tools.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Webstore as we have just received our first shipment of Breachpens and will be getting them online very soon!

If you’d like to book one of our Custom Shooting Experiences or if you’d just like to talk Guns, Prepping or Emergency Preparedness please feel free to Contact Us Today!

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