Is the 2A going away? I see Red Flags here.

Last night I had an interesting experience that got me thinking. As a matter-of-fact it has me very concerned and worried about the trajectory of the attack on the 2nd Amendment. Last week’s blog post was about the experience I had training my Nephew in firearm safety. Later in the week I posted about the experience, which was followed up by an in depth conversation with another member of the group about the risk of posting content involving kids and firearms. Keep in mind that my post was discussing training youngsters in the safe handling of firearms, and yet this was seen as potentially offensive content. Think about that for a minute, a Constitutionally protected Right being passed down safely and legally to the next generation under the supervision of his father is OFFENSIVE and possibly even grounds for Red Flag Law Confiscation Orders being issued against an individual.

I’m just going to say it, they are coming for our guns. This isn’t a silly meme on Facebook or great way for you to flex your keyboard biceps. What are you going to do when they actually knock on your door and come take your firearms out of your home by force? We are at the brink of this becoming the new norm in firearm ownership in the United States.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to be silenced. I’m a law abiding, tax paying, Federally Licensed Citizen of the United States of America and I Love this Country but I will not be quiet while they strip us of our Rights and make the push to Socialism. Would it change things if people realized that the breakdown of our Bill of Rights is actually the Federal Government of the United States of America saying that they will no longer honor the God-given human rights that have been recognized by our Government for Centuries? I think it should. America has fallen my friends, stay safe… and keep Prepping.

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