How do you Prep?

It’s no secret that I’m of the Preparedness mindset. I self-identify as a Prepper. The reason for this is not because I wear a gas mask around town in my Humvee although I suppose I’m not that far from it. But in reality it’s because I care about my family and want to be as prepared as I can be for anything that may come our way. I never considered myself a Prepper, nor did I formalize the title until entering the YouTube community. What better way to introduce yourself to the world than that! My main ideas of what made a Prepper were limited to those owning a bunker and a bunch of gear for the sure future that lies ahead, a complete Nuclear Wasteland where we must figure out how to repopulate and effectively scavenge through piles of garbage for food. But in all seriousness my prepping started at an early age and was just a way of coping with things I worried about, it was no different from today except that today I’m concerned about much more serious things. One of the things I have recently begun to worry about gardening, or should I say my lack of gardening skills. So I jumped in the water head first and I have begun to use gardening as a way to spend time with my son as well as an ongoing YouTube channel series topic. But the real reason for learning this new skillset runs deep.


Most people have no sense of Emergency Preparedness. They don’t consider the fact that the electricity could just flip off at any point in time, no matter how slim you think that chance may be. I don’t like feeling as though I have no control over any scenario that required me to cut ties with the current food and utility grids, whatever the event. So I started first by getting into solar electricity because I already had my firearm and security setup pretty much complete. Once I got through solar and storing up a years worth of long term food I started to realize that I need to be able to produce my own food. Even if it only supplements what I have prepped it will be worthwhile and maybe I can even make it to the big leagues. As in the self-sustaining big leagues; The jury is still out on this but I have begun my gardening and have plans to build elevated raised garden beds to include microgreens and a greenhouse.

plantsSo my question to you is this, How do you stay Prepared?

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